A Peterson Co was founded in 2001 out of a desire to return to my family's tradition of woodworking. My great-great grandfather made violins in Florence, Italy before emigrating to America in 1907. Both my father and grandfather were cabinetmakers.

With little more than a miter saw and a drill press, I started out in the spare bedroom of the apartment I was living in at the time making small decorative items for family and friends. Today I operate out of an 800 square foot building constructed in the 1940's to house a farm tractor repair business.

I specialize in custom furniture and functional art as well as cabinetry and architectural millwork. I believe in taking a piece from "log to living room" and in some cases can provide pictures of the tree or log from which a piece originated. I prefer to avoid commercially harvested timber in favor of locally sourced or salvaged lumber. I have made pieces from urban cull logs, reclaimed barns, and storm-damaged trees.